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International relations

The City of Gold Coast (City) currently has 12 active International Partnerships, all of which have helped shape the Gold Coast as a city of global significance by fostering successful business and cultural ties.

The City is working closely with our Sister Cities and Partner Cities to inspire the cultural embellishments of Gold Coast Chinatown. Chinatown represents the City’s relationship with the Asia-Pacific region and we have been fortunate to have a number of Chinese delegations visit the City to assist with cultural design ideas for the gateways, street furniture, decorative lighting and public art.


In 2014, the City’s Sister City Beihai, provided an artistic conceptual design for the Harmony Paifang for the new Gold Coast Chinatown. The concept is in the Han Dynasty style, and stems from over 2000 years of history in their region of China. Two towers will mark the eastern entrance to Chinatown on the corner of Young and Scarborough Streets, Southport. This will be the first of three Paifang installed in Chinatown.


The City has an Agreement of Friendship & Cooperation with Jining, China.  Jining City donated a carved stone statue of the great Chinese philosopher Confucius which now has pride of place in Gold Coast Chinatown.


The City  has signed a  Letter of Intent to Establish a Sister City  with the city of Chengdu, China. There is ongoing collaboration between the two cities for concept designs of symbolic public artwork in Chengdu and the Gold Coast.


In 2014, Zhuhai City Government presented designs for a shade structure to the City of Gold Coast. The City is currently working to find a delivery funding partner and suitable location for the shade structure.


In 2014, Taipei City Government and the Chinese Institute of Urban Design held a design competition between five architecture firms for the design of the Wealth Paifang in the new Gold Coast Chinatown. The designs were presented to the City to choose a preferred design. The City is currently working to find a delivery funding partner for the Wealth Paifang, which will be located at the northern entrance to Chinatown on Davenport Street, Southport.

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