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Gold Coast Chinatown

In 2009, a group of local Southport businesses and individuals developed a plan to create a Chinatown in Southport. In 2011 this group formed the Gold Coast Chinatown Association and successfully gained support for the concept with both State and local Governments committing funds and resources to develop the precinct in 2013.

The City of Gold Coast (City) allocated $2.4 million though the Centre Improvement Program to upgrade the street scaping in Young Street and another $1.1 million was committed to the Davenport Street section. The Centre Improvement Program is funded two-thirds by the City and one third by property owners. Property owners and business were given the opportunity to vote on the project,  with the project receiving overwhelming support from the property owners.

The old make-up of Young and Davenport Streets was described as ‘lacking uniformity, tired, daggy and unattractive’ but today in contrast, the character of the street is consistent, clean, contemporary and with a modern palette with subtle reflections to an Asian design.

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Gold Coast Chinatown is one of Australia’s first modern Chinatowns, and has been located in Southport, the city’s most culturally diverse centre. Chinatown continues to evolve, offering authentic Asian experiences through an exciting mix of restaurants, small bars,  karaoke, boutique retail, cultural festivals and celebration, alongside the vibrant Asian inspired Street Events.

Crowd at Chinese New Year Festival
Dancing Dragon at Chinatown
Chinese graphics on road in Chinatown
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