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Attractions and things to do

There are so many different attractions to explore and things to do in Southport. Southport is a hub of activity,  has an incredible lifestyle component on offer and really encapsulates everything that the Gold Coast stands for.

The Broadwater (which is the name of the water mass that hugs Southport’s coastline) is used for a range of recreational activities including fishing, boating and watersports. It is also home to the Southport Yacht Club and a number of other marinas. The Broadwater is fronted by the Broadwater Parklands which is a popular area with locals and visitors alike. Southport is also bordered by the Nerang River.

Australia Fair Shopping Centre is located in the Southport CBD which is a large indoor shopping centre containing 233 stores as well as cinemas. A segment of this shopping centre, now known as Australia Fair Metro, has recently undergone a $15 million make over.

The Southport Branch Library which was opened in 2002 is one of 14 branches of the city’s library.  Upstairs in this building there is also the Local Studies Library which contains the city’s historical collection of materials including photographs, films, documents and iconic memorabilia.

Southport is also lucky to have world class sporting facilities such as the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre (GCAC) as well as great community facilities such as the Southport Community Centre.

Broadwater Parklands
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Gold Coast Aquatic Centre
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